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Eloquence Dining Editor

So my obsession with food is finally paying off. I will be the new dining editor for Eloquence Magazine. The website is not up yet, but you can find the magazine in many establishments around Seoul, like the Wolfhound, the Intercontinental Hotel, Zelen, etc. I am currently trying to get information together about Thanksgiving in Seoul. Also, if anyone knows of any dining events like special dinners, grand openings, special chefs, etc, please let me know. Thanks for continuing to read my blog. Big things are up ahead. Dan

My article in Groove Magazine

One of my current goals is to write more and share this material with others. This is the article I wrote for the Groove Magazine in Seoul . I'm writing a follow up article now. Oh, and I'll be handling dining events and happenings and possibly writing a cooking article for Eloquence Magazine. I think you'll have to pick up a hard copy, because it doesn't look like it's on their website. You can pick up the groove at many locations throughout Itaewon. Here's the article. Dan I was adopted from Korea at the age of five, so I have no delusions about my past like so many adoptees I've met. I knew when I left Korea that I was going to a better place- a place with bathrooms with scented toilet paper and not old newspaper, a place where teachers- bitter from many years of being passed over- would not beat the hopeful. I knew that I was going to a land of Coca-Cola, Hershey's Chocolate, and bananas. And I knew that I hit the jackpot when a photo album a

Computer for sale

I have a Desktop computer it's a 1.83 mhz with 1 gigabyte ram and an 80gig hard drive. It also has a DVD player and CD burner. It's your basic run of the mill computer loaded with a fresh install of windows XP. The monitor is a nice 19inch wide screen. It has no dead pixels and I'll throw in a TV card so you can watch TV on your PC. 275,000 or best offer. I am in Haebangchon and I would like to sell this by Friday. Pictures are here Daniel Gray