A Christmas Eve Feast- Coex InterContinental

Here's an E-mail I received from the COEX InterContinental Seoul.

A Christmas Eve Feast
Featuring the Cuisines of Korea, Japan, China and India

Asian Live, COEX InterContinental Seoul

In celebration of Christmas Eve, Asian Live restaurant at the COEX InterContinental Seoul has created a 7-course feast highlighting the cuisines of Asia. This extraordinary set menu is extra attractive because guests will receive a complimentary glass of Moet & Chandon champagne with their meal. Add to that the romantic, candle-lit tables and you have the perfect recipe for a memorable night before Christmas. A lottery will also be held with prizes such as a coupon for accommodations at the hotel, a bottle of whiskey and a complimentary meal at The Brasserie.

The Christmas Menu includes a Japanese appetizer, three kinds of sashimi, shark’s fin bean curd vegetable soup along with steamed king prawn with garlic and honey sauce. You can enjoy Tandoori chicken prepared by our Indian chef and grilled Australian beef rib steak & rice cake with oriental sauce for the main dish. Finally, fresh seasonal fruits with cinnamon punch for dessert will be served at the end of this course menu.

The price for the set menu is 100,000 won, which does not include VAT or service charge. Reservations are required. (02) 3430-8620

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