For Sale

I am getting rid of waste and here's what I've got. I live in Haebangchon and pick up would be preferable around there or Noksopyeong Station. Pictures of everything for sale can be found here.

email me at

All prices are OR BEST OFFER. Spliff me all you want. I really don't care.

22inch LCD TV with video out. It has a swivel platform, it can be wall mounted, and you can even plug in your computer and use it as a second monitor. 225,000

iPod Nano 2nd generation 8GB Black 130,000

ipod shuffle 2nd generation 40,000

iPod sportwrap armband for ipod classic 8,000's a link to the specs about the monitor

Duplex hot water kettle 1.2 Liter 12,000

Bono Bass speakers 10,000

Ampac sling bag 12,000

Kensington white computer lock 10,000

G-combo vga upscan converter- play wii or PS2 on your computer monitor

Green Nara anion air cleaner 10,000

Gowoonsori computer speakers- free.

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