Have a Toque Christmas

Here's an e-mail that I received from Jane Chang of Toque.

Check it out and try to make reservations fast, because these dinners always fill up.


Hello Toque Friends,

I hope your plans for the holidays are coming along well.
Many of you are calling in and asking about our Christmas Eve Course Menu and Christmas Brunch menu.
I've FINALLY made a decision on the menu and so here is what we'll be preparing.

Christmas Eve Course \40,000 6:30 p.m. & 8:30 p.m. Includes 1 Glass of Red/White Wine

1. French Onion Terrine with Caramelized Onion

2. Potato Bisque with Roasted Red Pepper Coulis and Onion Chips

3. Caesar Dressed Leaves with Olive Tapenade and Walnut Gorgonzola

4. Seared Scallop with Chive Sauce and Cod Quenelle with Dill-Cucumber Relish

5. Chicken Guazetto with Saffron Rice Ball

6. Mushroom Duxelle stuffed Steak with Red Wine-Balsamic Sauce

7. Warm Chocolate Bread Pudding with Creme Anglaise

Christmas Day Turkey Brunch \35,000 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Turkey & Gravy, Stuffing, Mashed Potato, Sauteed String Beans, Mixed Greens and Dressing, Cranberry Sauce, Pasta Salad, French Toast, Quiche, Scrambled Egg, Sausage & Bacon, Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Cake, Warm Rolls, Scone and More!

We still have limited seatings left for both days so call in!

Thank you and Merry Christmas!!


장정은 Jane Chang
Owner/Chef Toque Diner
682-1 Hannam-Dong Yongsan-Gu, Seoul
Tel: (02)794-3834
Fax: (02)794-3828

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