Restaurant Alley at Night

Nicole and I went for a stroll on Tuesday night and I got some night shots of Restaurant Alley which weren't half bad. Nicole recommended that I go to La Plancha at some point. I've heard good things about the restaurant and I've been planning on checking it out. She recommends the combo platters because you get a nice mix of food and the combos are big enough for two people.

Vigna- the name alone scares me, but I'll make it in there at some point.

Soo-jin of Bricx and Zelen fame has a new restaurant. It's called Trattoria Cucina Acca and it's supposed to be an upscale Italian place. I wonder if Itaewon can support another upscale Italian place, I mean Villa Sortinos just opened down the street.

Also, on top of the hill near Mignon, Hong Suk Chun of "Our Place" and "My Thai" is opening up a new "My China" restaurant. It might be interesting, but overall I haven't been delighted by the food in any of his restaurants so far.

I've heard Le Saint-Ex has great desserts and my foodie friend Elizabeth recommends it.

These days my bar of choice has been Baby Guinness. It's a pleasant atmosphere- it feels like a Korean version of Cheers.


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