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I wrote a restaurant review for Toque restaurant near Hangangjin station. I'm critical, but don't misunderstand; I really like Toque and will continue to go there, these are simply my observations of the restaurant.

Here's an excerpt:

Toque Diner's identity seems to be a mystery. The subdued bricked decor suggests New York and yet the name implies French- toque being the tall white pleated hats worn by chefs. The menu is diverse-a cacophony of Italian, French, Swedish, Southwestern American, Homestyle American, sandwiches, burgers, tapas...; it's a bit overwhelming. It makes me ponder the chef's influences and if the restaurant is capable of such a cosmopolitan menu.

I have been to Toque Diner on several occasions during the last month and the service is always very pleasant- the waitresses serve every dish with a considerate smile- and the interior decor feels like a nice drowsy hug. The place seems like the perfect home away from home for weary expatriates and the food has a very motherly feel to it.

Check out for the rest of the article. It's a great resource for what is happening in Seoul.

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