Great atmosphere and the food is delightful and very different from what else you can get in Korea. I really enjoyed the stuffed porked chops with emmental cheese and veggies. The Spinach Rollada- the rolled up green and white thingies are absolutely mouthwatering-lightly spiced, the cheese rounds out the flavor in this sophisticated dish.

The lamb was a bit gamey, but the rice on the side was herbaciously delightful- it had a slight nutty, Turkish flavor. The stuffed chicken was a big hit. Who would have thought that kosher dill pickles would have made a nice stuffing.

Oh, and on a cold day, I recommend the chicken stew. It's like a Bulgarian Chili/French Onion Soup- the flavor is faintly curry like, but not at all overpowering and the ample melted cheese on top makes this dish feel like a warm kitchen.

Here is the cyworld link to their site:
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