CLOSED Antonio

I went to Antonio twice last week and I must say it was a pleasant experience. The atmosphere is quite upscale and quaint and it's food is cooked very well by a real Italian chef.

The first night I went with my friend Agnes and we got the grilled asparagus and broccoli salad, porcini mushroom pizza, and the grilled vegetables with scarmoza cheese. The asparagus salad was a bit disappointing- I think they used one stalk of asparagus in the entire salad and the dressing was simply a red wine vinegarette. The pizza was a delight- crisp crust and with plentiful basil and aged, thin slabs of Parmesan cheese on top. The grilled vegetables were awesome. They were thick cuts of squash, eggplant, mushrooms, and sweet peppers. The nicely charred vegetables paired off delightfully with the scarmoza cheese- which is like a smoky mozzarella.

I'll tell you about my second visit later. I've gotta go to work.


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