Flying Pan Blue Review

Here is my review on Flying Pan, you can also find it in Eloquence Magazine. This is my "writer's uncut version." I had only given the restaurant 3 stars on the food, but my editor changed it.

A Flying Pan to the Face
by Daniel Gray

My first year in Korea was spent in Gyeong Ju and the closest thing I could get to breakfast was Isaac Toast. Isaac and I became great friends over that year. Since I’ve moved to Seoul, Isaac and I don’t see each other as much because there is a plethora of breakfast joints. Breakfast is a meal that’s hard to mess up, and so, many places get grouped in that “they make a decent scramble” category. But the one place that stands out in my mind is Flying Pan Blue.

Sure, the furniture doesn’t match, there is one big communal table in the center and getting to the bathroom is a bit of a hassle (you have to walk out and around to the back and down a flight of stairs)- but that’s part of the charm. And one last gripe, there are no free refills on the coffee; now I’m sure that refillable coffee and brunch were bound in matrimony.

Gripes aside, the pancakes are things of dreams. They are big and fluffy like clouds (possibly an allusion to their punny name-Flying Pan.) On separate occasions, I’ve had the “Fig Tree” - with caramelized figs, walnut, and ricotta cheese and the “Banana Walnut” with ice cream. The figs and the pancakes pair off like two kid’s wearing the same Spongebob t-shirts and the maple syrup is thick and plentiful- not like the eye dropper pourers from “Butterfinger Pancakes.” And it was a good thing I had 3 big banana flapjacks; I needed them to sop up every glob of ice cream and syrup on my plate. I didn’t have the French Toast, but I did see a skyscraper of toast, fruit, and whipped cream catwalk across the dining floor; it was sexy.

But wait, there is more to the menu. The “Flying Pan Breakfast” is fare for those sick of greasy bacon, eggs, and hash browns. What you have is a poached egg over sauteed mushrooms, with a hint of balsamic vinegar, stacked on top of wheat toast. It also comes with basil pesto, hummus, tomato, and potato salad. Eh, the tomato was a bit mealy (it’s winter after-all), but everything else worked. Oh, I’ve also heard good things about the eggs benedict with smoked salmon.

The sandwiches are made with hearty bread. The ham sandwich and chicken curry were delish. I’ve had the “Poached Pear Salad” which had brie, walnuts, figs and parmesan cheese. I admire the attempt, but the dressing didn’t have enough zing and the lettuce was a bit wilted. I haven’t had the entrees yet; I will- after I get sick of breakfast.

Flying Pan’s breakfasts are essentially dessert; but for those who want dessert after dessert, I recommend the “crepes with black cherry sauce” and the cheesecake. The cheesecake was crusty like a New Yorker after an all nighter.
Go there morning, day, or night and get the breakfast of your dreams.

Ratings (4-star scale):
Food: ***
Atmosphere: **
Service: ***
Value: **

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