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Zenkimchi was sited in Seriouseats for his story about Korean Fast food.

Awesome job Joe, you are a rock star. Here's the story.

The First Korean Fast Food Chain in America
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Asian Week reports that Sorabol, a family-owned Korean fast food chain, currently has 15 stores in California, Nevada and the Philippines while looking into opening locations in Seattle, New York City and Washington, D.C. As of now, they’re concentrating on the food court market, dominated by Sbarro and Panda Express. The difference is that they’re not Americanizing their food. According to them, they serve authentic Korean BBQ, noodles and soups, including Yukejang 육게장. And if their stores typically look like the ones on the web site, they look kick ass.

I’d say it’s a welcome healthier alternative to the usual food court findings and proof that you don’t have to drench everything in grease to make it fast food.

UPDATE: Asian Week seems to be having a lovefest with them. Here’s another story.

NOTE: They have a little section on their web site where you can tell them your location if there is not a Sorabol restaurant in your area. Don’t know how seriously they’d take it, but I’m sure some good response is helpful.

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