Tears of God- Wine Manga

Tears of God is a wildly popular manga in South Korea and Japan that deals with the enjoyment and procurement of wine. It's so popular, in fact, that any wine that is featured in its pages usually sells out in Japan in weeks and the prices of the wines reach exorbitant heights. Since the manga needs to be translated into Korean, by the time the manga is released; there is only a short supply of wines left for wine connoisseurs. Wine piracy has been a bit of a problem here. Overall, this comic is doing wonders for the current wine boom.

Here's a link from a Pendock Uncorked and an excerpt from their article:

Earlier this year I was in Singapore for the Singapore Airlines wine selection process. One of the highlights was meeting Nabi Hashimoto, a Japanese wine writer, who told me how manga, Japanese comics, have taken the cork out of Asian wine sales. Thanks to Melgab International I see that Decanter has now picked up on the story. I attach my April thoughts on the phenomenon that appeard in the Financial Mail.

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