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April Dining Events

ongoing Weekend Sushi Buffet at Irodori in the Renaissance Seoul Hotel. Irodori chooses only the freshest, high quality seafood. Seven kinds of sashimi and eight kinds of sushi, including flatfish, red snapper, tuna and scallop will be available. Each piece of sushi is made on request. Tepanyaki service is also available. Saturday and Sunday. W55,000 lunch, W60,000 for dinner, and Children under 11 years old will be charged half-price. (tax and service charges are excluded). 2222-8659. April 3rd Wine and Art Event at Bistro Restaurant, Novotel Ambassador Gangnam. There will be an inauguration photo exhibition, "Wine is a Natural Emotion," for Korean photographer Young Joon-Jang. The Bistro will be launching a new French wine list in celebration. Come taste the many exclusive wines. Free. 7-9pm. 010-9497-0343 April 6-8 Uljin Snow Crab Festival. Known as “bamboo crabs,” the Uljin crabs are celebrated throughout Korea for their delicate flavor. The festival will feature crab tas

Korean Drama by Bobby Lee

Check out this spoof on a Korean Drama

food fight

check out this great video THIS IS THE ULTIMATEST FOOD FIGHT EVER

I love Bobby Lee AKA the Average Asian

Again from Madtv

Coach Hines' Ice Cream

Yes, I know. I am going blog crazy. It's been a while since I've had any time to write. Here's Coach Hines from Madtv. Dan

Join the Bbangsan Church! Aliens are among us!

빵상 아줌마 (BBangsang)

This ajumma (Korean Middle Aged woman) claims that she can speak to aliens. So if you say bbangsan, the aliens will respond krala krala Just watch it... It's just too odd to be real. I LOVE KOREA!

Crazy Dancing Girl

She's selling ice cream bars in the most creative way possible.


Daejanggum When my friends come to Korea, I feel it is my mission to jettison the myth that all Korean food is fiery, oh-my-god, spicy. Many of my friends are professionals or travelers that are only in town for a couple of days. Although, I would love to take them to Gyeong-ju to my favorite restaurant in Korea, Yoseongung, for real traditional food, there is simply a lack of time. While in Seoul, I find that Daejanggum near Seolleung station is a safe bet. Afterwards, my friends become my new crusaders in my mission to dispel the myths about Korean food. Centrally located, Daejanggum is near Posco Intersection and down the street from the COEX City Air Terminal. The restaurant has a wood paneled traditional façade that is, unfortunately, bombarded with pictures and neons. The interior has clean lines and there are several private rooms. When I make a reservation, I request a room and I’ve never had a problem. The one drawback is, on evenings, they have a traditional music show and

Aa Design Museum

This is a really cool cafe that has a museum on the bottom floor and a cafe up top. Its sleek and modern styling and fashionable clientele make you feel like you are in Manhattan. They have decent wine prices (35-60,000) and bistro/cafe style food like paninis, salads, and cakes. I had the chicken salad there and it was fresh and flavorful for W12,000. They also have Hoegarden and Guinness on Tap. If you go to Bricxx in Hongdae, go down and make a left on the next road. Dan

Peanut Butter Hershey Kisses

Why didn't anyone tell me these existed! God Bless America!

Why I love Korean Packaging

I hate the dome top lids on coffee for take out because they are horrible for transport. If I order a coffee to go, it most likely means that I will not be drinking it on the move. I'd rather not scorch my tongue, and on more than one occasion, I've ruined my shirts with small spills. The Coffee Bean in Korea has a solution. They insert a stirrer into the mouth of the dome lid in order to prevent accidently spillage. Aza.


When you get away from the mad bustle of the club scene, there is a hipper, more tranquil side of Hongdae. There are a number of niche wine bars and restaurants. Here are some pics.

Thai Garden Review

Getting your Thai Fix by Daniel Gray photos by Jessica In Good Thai food is like an acrobat walking on a tightrope. For example, take the basic Pad Thai. It needs to balance the sweetness of palm sugar with the slight bitterness of tamarind, the sour pungency of fish sauce, the tartness of lime juice, the crunchiness of peanuts, the egg, the tofu, bean sprouts, pepper and it needs to do all this while not making the rice noodles too soft, dry, or oily. Thai Orchid, which was located in the current location of Thai Garden, was renowned for its authentic Thai cuisine but its atmosphere was a bit outmoded. The owners decided to give the place a complete makeover and in the process changed the name. So the big question is: does the food live up to its predecessor's? Kinda. Some of dishes remained the same as before, but I felt that the flavor has been changed a bit to please the Korean palate. The bright flavor of the Thai bird peppers were replaced with the Korean go-chu-jan