April 14th Ja Ja Myeon Day

짜장면! 짜장면! 짜장면!

February 14th is Valentines Day and girls are supposed to give their boyfriends chocolate.

March 14th is White Day and the boys are supposed to return the gifts of chocolate with 3 times the amount they received the previous month.

April 14th is Black Day and it is the day for the lonely and disenchanted. Single people who are did not give or receive chocolates for either day are supposed to sulk around, dress in black, and get together to eat white noodles topped with a black sauce to commiserate their singledom.

Carol and I got together to eat the inky black ja ja myeong that reflected the inky blackness of our souls. HAHAHAHA.

Oh, in the background is Carol's future husband. He is also dressed in black and he's eating the Ja Ja. It's going to be a Korean made for TV drama.

Oh, and Carol, the Ja Ja Myeong tasted like an angel^^

Final NOTE: Go see Maggie's play: Teeth! It's playing at the COEX! She's a rock star and so are Brad, Molly, Mandy, and AJ!

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