Chang Mai in 5 minutes

Yesterday, I went to the Best Thai Cooking school with Permpoon N____. It was an enjoyable day and I learned a lot of interesting cooking tips-tips that I will use in my cooking. He was a very gregarious and punny guy.

I didn't eat anything other than the food at the school. We made 6 different dishes.

Mangonese[sic] is my new favorite fruit. It's really hard to describe the flavor of it, but it kinda looks like an ugly blueberry, has the texture of cold cotton candy, and tastes like ...good^^

I'm going to the Chang Mai cooking school today and I'm staying at the Supreme Guest House. It is run by a Scottish guy named Gordon and it's a very chill place. (180 bahts a night). I think tomorrow I'll do a trek or do mountain climbing.

Time's up.


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