Eat Cake and Help a Traveller

Eat Cake and Help a Traveller
By Elinza Petorius

Last year I met this traveller. The world is full of them, I know, but this one stood out in particular. This one had a unique history, a worthy life and really fabulous hair. I’m talking about “The Little Traveller,” a tiny hand-beaded pin, which is made in South Africa and sold to generate funds for those affected by HIV/AIDS at the Hillcrest Aids Centre in Kwa-Zulu Natal. The Little Travellers AIDS Initiative provide women either suffering from AIDS or supporting a loved one with AIDS, with a viable income. It has also helped to instigate artistic development, personal growth and hope for these women and families. There will be two events in May that will help support this worthy cause.

On Sunday the 18th of May, the newly opened WIEN Cake house in Itaewon will be hosting the first Little Traveller’s BAKE-OFF. Enter your baked goods to be judged and stand a chance to win some awesome prizes. Cakes, muffins, pies, breads, cookies-anything sweet and baked are welcome. Not a wiz in the kitchen? Well, pay 10,000W at the door, receive your Little Traveller and get a chance to sample the cakes and vote for your favorite dish! Doors open to the public at 3 o’clock! (Contestants must sign in at 1 o’clock and must be available for preliminary judging and photographs). For more information on this event and for the entry-form, please visit and e-mail Or phone 010-8694-6561 (English) and 011-9029-3094 (Korean).

Another way to support the Little Travellers, is to party for the cause on Saturday, May 31st. Three of the hottest spots in Itaewon- the Wolfhound Pub, Rocky Mountain Tavern and B ONE will offer drink discounts to anyone who purchases a Little Traveller at the door. Local musicians and DJ’s will entertain and there will be chances to win coveted raffle prizes.

Volunteers for both events, as well as regular operations, are needed and very welcome! If you’d like to get involved please email

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