I am in Chang Mai and I'm having a blast

Alrighty, after a mis-adventure in Bangkok (please, never mention girly-boys or ping pong balls in my presence) I packed up and headed to Chang Mai. It's an idylliac little city that has a very laid back and chilled out atmosphere.

I took one of those Thai Motor scooter things from the airport to the city (80baht). It was really fun to see all the families riding on scooters. It's like Hell's Angels, but with kids behind the wheels. After choking to death on exhaust, I found a guest house to stay at.

O.K. I was originally supposed to stay at a super lux resort called the Jasmine Rice Resort, but one: it was kinda out of the way, and two: it was damn expensive (4,200 baht) a night. There are a ton of guest houses in Chang Mai and they range in quality and price. Last night, I stayed at the Rux-Thai Guest House which is across from the Thaepae gate. It was no frills, lacked character, and it was 450 baht a night. I wouldn't recommend it.

I recommend the area which is along the inside of Thapae gate and a bit north-just past Moon Muang Road. Here you will find the Alley Nine Guest House (400baht), the Bow Chiangmai House (400baht), the Brittania (450-700baht), SK house (700baht) and the Supreme Guest House (220baht) a night.***

They all have their own charm. I was particularly impressed by the Bow Chiang Mai House which had a very Thai atmosphere with clean lines and dark woods. The Supreme Guest House was highly recommended by Seth and Rose from Holland. They said the owner is Scottish and there are a lot of chill foreigners there- some of whom have stayed at the house for YEARS! The only problem is: it's always booked. I am staying at a little place down past the Supreme guest house. It's got an open courtyard and my place has a little balcony. The only problem is that it has a shared bathroom.

I'm loving Chiang Mai. The food is great. I'm craving some red curry duck and red mango with sticky rice right now, so I'm going to sign off for now. Oh- tomorrow, I'm taking the cooking class^^.

If anyone is in Chiang Mai and wanna join me for a drink, post a comment on this blog with a place to meet up. I'm going to be busy during the day but the evening is free. I really like Wawadee coffee, so we can meet up there. (I know...strange request, but it doesn't hurt to ask.)


***These prices are lower because it is now the low season****

Bow Chiang Mai House 053211707 www.bowchiangmaihouse.com
Kham Kaew House 0-53287549
Alley Nine Guest House 053287518
The Britannia 0871828099

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