Dining Events for June

Outdoor Terrace ‘Beer Garden’ at the Renaissance Seoul Hotel. At the Beer Garden, many international cuisines along with cold beer and international beverages are provided daily. ‘Happy Hour’ is available from 6 pm to 8 pm and unlimited cold beer and drinks are provided. In addition, on every Friday, named ‘BBQ Night’, buffet style cuisines are provided along with Happy Hour benefits. Menus include pork barbeque, chicken wings, mini burger with cheddar cheese, and bacon and German style sausage and cabbage. The prices are 12,000 won for the Happy Hour and 33,000 for BBQ Night. Happy Hour from 6-8pm. 2222-8630.

June 5-8th
Tea World Festival in the Indian Hall at the COEX. Come see and try Green Teas, Oolong Teas, Black Teas, foods and drinks made with teas, and new products made of tea such as medicines, cosmetics, health care items. There will also be Tea Wares and Porcelain. If it has to do with tea, expect it to be at this event. 10-6pm. 6000-8000/6000-8888. teaworld@empal.com

Thru June 30th
Fresh Tuna Special at Mikado restaurant in JW Marriot Hotel. Savor succulent tuna belly sashimi and all the other tastes of traditional Japanese cuisine prepared as fine contemporary art. Choose from two tuna sets. Set A has sea urchin tofu, grilled squid, herring roe, tuna sushi, asparagus and butterbur. These courses are followed by fresh tuna belly sashimi; grilled wagyu beef filled with truffle sauce; braised sea bream; tempura; and finally tresh tuna ochatsuke. Set B has Fresh tuna sashimi; unfolded sweet fish, black miso and bamboo shoot; and tuna belly sushi. Sesame tofu with shiitake mushrooms is garnished with cherry blossoms for a beautiful flourish. Set A W120,000. Set B W95,000. 6282-6751.

Thru June 30th.
Various Sichuan Specials at Man Ho restaurant in JW Marriot Hotel. Man Ho restaurant is offering two six-course lunch menus which have dishes such as Sichuan chili and beef double soup, stir-fried abalone with scallops and cashew nuts and Whole Shark’s Fin. And for dinner there is an extravagant 8 course meal that starts with BBQ pork, braised whole shark’s fin, king crab and sweet and sour grouper. Prices range from W65,000 to W135,000. 6282-6741.

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