Expat Garage Sale!

Thanks Catherine!

Dear all,

This year's 4th Annual Expat Beautiful Garage Sale will be held on Saturday, May 24 from noon to 4pm in the Duksung High School gym,
centrally located next to Anguk Station (the sale will be signposted from exits 1 and 6).
Tables of big and small bargains, the perfect sale for those ex-pats moving on or for passing on spring-cleaned treasures,
and a perfect place to buy for everyone else!
Sellers keep their revenues, and everything not sold on the day can be donated to The Beautiful Store,
a Korean nonprofit organisation that works with the poor
(for more info on this organisation, see http://www.bstore.org/eng_new/index.asp).
Lots of free parking. For more info and to book a table (15,000 won each), email Susan at 'suseric@hotmail.com'.

Kind regards, Hope to see you there,

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