Food Events for the Weekend of May 16-18

There are a whole lot of exciting food events this weekend. Tomorrow at 6:30pm there will be a art gallery event at Gasan Gallery in Bundang for artist Lee Jung Tae. The Gallery will have a 4 piece classical quartet play at 7 and there will be a food and wine reception after the concert. The food will be catered by myself and Cafe Di Elena.

Yes, that is correct. I'll be partly catering the event. I'm going to make some balsamic chicken wraps with sugared pecans and mandarin oranges and a spicy curry chicken wrap with yogurt sauce.

The entire event will cost 30,000. It is in Gumi-dong in Bundang. The map is attached. You can e-mail the gallery at 031-712-1580 or e-mail at

And on Sunday there will be the Little Traveller's Bakeoff at Wien Bakery in Itaewon. This is going to be an amazing event. Aspiring bakers should come and show off their wares-hey you could win prizes (plus you get to eat a whole lotta cake.) All proceeds go to support women with AIDS. Bakers should get there at 1pm and everyone else (those who just wanna eat cake should get there at 3pm.) It is 5,000won for bakers and 10,000 won for everyone else.

Contact for more information. Here is the weblink.

Alrighty. Now it's time for me to get moving.

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