Nam Po Myun Oak: Classic Korean Naengmyeon and Bin Dae Dduk: Mung Bean Pancakes

Ok. So I have to do an article on Nam Po Myun Oak and I decided that I should do a little research on bin-dae-dduck and I came across this very good story on how it's like to make these crispy mung bean pancakes.

First of all, I think the name needs to change, because when I think Mung, I think...I don't know, something negative and mushy and not something I'd want to taste. Maybe crispy bean pancakes? I personally like the Indian form of the word, Moong. It has a serene sound to it.The beans are very healthy and full of vitamins and protein. The most common use of these are in bean sprouts and they are full of vitamin C.

Anyway, the taste of the beans are very subtle. They are a tad bitter but with a complex green flavor that pair well with the clean naengmyeon broth.

I first went to Nam Po Myun Oak back in January and when I had the Naengmyeong, it was legendary. When I first had the cold noodle soup; it was winter, but the soup was strangely warming. Now that it is finally getting hot, I decided to head back with my friend (and photographer) Ji Hyun.

It's very easy to get to. It's at Eujiro 1-ga exit 1. Walk towards a strange rock lighthouse (when up close you will notice that it is covered with car headlights) and make the first right. Keep walking straight and you'll walk into a little alley that is besides a pharmacy and about 100 meters down, you'll see Nam Po Myun Oak 남포명옥. It is has a traditional wooden facade and you'll see a number of kimchi pots dug into the floor of the restaurant.

shoot...I have to continue this later. I have to go to work.

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