Check out Andrew Zimmern's Blog!

I really enjoyed meeting Andrew while he was in Seoul. He is knowledgeable, warm, quirky, and totally driven.

I had the honor of spending the day with Andrew as he checked out a couple restaurants in Seoul. We went and ate turtle soup, blowfish, and eel together. The episode is going to come out sometime in November or December on his show!

I'll write up more about the day someday, but you'll really have to wait for the show to come out to see the whole thing.

It's been a crazy month for me. I'm working a ton of hours, and I had to get adjusted to my new set up (iMac and MSI-wind). I was going to retire my trusty old ibook, but I just can't I have too many sentimental attachments to it.

Alrighty, Good Night!


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