Okay here is the official website for the Seoul Food Festival. Here's the deal. The festival is happening at different places around Seoul. I would like to go to the Royal Food Festival in Gyeonhuigung and Cheongyechung on Sunday.

Here is the write up on Gyeonghuigung.

And here are the directions

I think it would be best to meet up at Gyeongbukgung Station Exit 7. Gyeongbukgung is on the Orange Line and up past Anguk Station (Insadong). We should meet up at 1pm. If you are late, then you can call me. Please e-mail me to get my number (sorry, I don't want to post my number on the site.) and I'll see you then. If you would like to meet up at Cheongyechung, we'll probably get there around 3ish.


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