Korean Popsicles

There is only one good thing about the sweltering hot heat and it is the icecream. Korea has some damn gooood icecream and it is cheap. When I compare the icecream that I get here compared to what I would get off of the icecream truck back home, it is clear that the ones here are more inventive and have better flavor. My favorites are the melon bars and watermelon. I also like tank boy and some chocolate icecream in a plastic tube thing.

What I like most is that the icecream is not toooo sweet. It makes it more refreshing.

Oh, I used to like the Lotte Milkshake things. You can see a part of it in the background, but they upped the price from 1000 won to 1,500 won. On principle, I won't pay that much. They are good, but not that good.

Yawn, time to get up and going. So what is your favorite icecream?
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