MSI-Wind for Blogging

MSI-Wind for Blogging

I have had the MSI-Wind for about 2 weeks and initially this diminutive computer seemed too small and too complicated to use for blogging. I’m a Mac guy and I swore, I would never go back to Winblows, but my ibook was way too heavy for everyday commuter-puting. Plus, I need to use Microsoft Publisher (oh, the bane of my existence) for my job.

Anyway, after struggling with setup and finally just sending it to my tech guy (Johnny Computer in Itaewon) I got it running and I’m back to blogging

I don’t know about you, but I must feel comfortable in order to write. I think it goes back to my days of working in restaurants and my brief stint in culinary school: I need my mise en plac.

Mise en plac is the idea that everything is prepared and organized. Chefs and cooks prepare for the oncoming war (dinner service) by anticipating each customer’s request and by prepping their station with plenty of diced fixings, sauces and condiments, thawed meats, sharp knives (and possibly one hidden in case a knife gets misplaced in the heat of battle), and towels. Towels are everywhere. There is usually one nicely folded stack next to the clean cutting board and symmetrically arranged cutlery and then there are several hidden in cubbies, in refrigerators, back pockets and god knows where else.

The point that I am trying to make is that I didn’t feel comfortable with this computer at first. My biggest complaint was the spastic touchpad. I don’t know about you, but I need to rest my palms while I type. I don’t pirouette over the keys with my hands over the screens like I am orchestrating a number of marionettes. I guess I am a lazy writer^^ Anyway, after trying to figure out if I needed a new driver to turn off the touchpad, I finally learned that I simply had to hit the blue Fn key and the F3 key and poof, the trackpad became silent.

Oh, and I bought this computer with XP service pack 3 with the Korean OS. I figured I could adapt to it, but when I turned it on, I had driver issues with the Internet. I tried to download new drivers, but the drivers conflicted with the XP internet system. It was a service pain in my ass, so2 I installed an English version of XP, but this OS was installed on a separate partition and I still couldn’t get the Internet to work. This is when I just decided to give up and send it to Johnny Computer.

The computer seems fine now. I’ve got my Mise en Plac. I installed Blogger for Microsoft Word and I have Picasa on the computer. Picasa runs a little slow, but it is manageable. I love the SD card slot on the side of the computer and loading pictures to the computer is very fast.

My only complaint is the battery life. I get about 2 hours on one charge. I’m going to wait to get the five hour battery or I’ll see what new computers Apple has to offer in September. I might just go back to my Macs and sell this one off.

For now it’ll do.

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