Pufferfish Mania: Why people like to risk death.

Here is some research that I've found on Pufferfish aka Blowfish aka Swellfish aka Tetraodontidae, class Osteichthyes, order Tetraodontiformes.

Here's a great site that I found that writes about it as a law case. Here's an intro.

Is the evil blowfish - also known as puffer, globefish, or
swellfish - in danger of extinction? In Japan, eating the
honorable fugu (blowfish) is the ideal of gourmet dining-and the
cooking version of Russian roulette. According to Japan Economic
newswire, a Japanese wholesaler exported the first 90 kg of
vacuum-packed fugu to Hong Kong in October 1995. Hong Kong is the
second market to import fugu from Japan. New York, which started
importing the fish in 1989, currently sells about 1 tons of fugu
every year, according to the wholesaler. Fugu's trade volume is
rising because of people's curiosity in eating such fish.

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Here is what Zenkimchi wrote on the delicacy:

Jetsetters regularly talk about the exotic and even risky foods they had eaten while on adventures. They bandy words like “durian,” “hákarl” and “balut” as badges of honor. They boast about eating fugu in Japan, the blowfish with tetrodotoxin poison, for which there’s no known antidote. Rural Haitian voodoo bokors sometimes use the poison to make “zombies.”

That’s what I call good eating. Yet one doesn’t need to go to Japan to try this culinary equivalent of base jumping. It’s common in Korea. Unlike Japan, it’s not limited to sashimi and bland soups. Korea uses blowfish, called “bok,” in traditional Korean dishes as well as sliced raw.

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And here you can see a chef properly cut up a pufferfish.

And here is a video of two guys in Korea that eat a pufferfish named Fernandez

So...I've already had it twice now. I'm going again today. In Russian Roulette there are six chambers and 1 bullet. Well if I go, I need someone to teach my kids and someone to take care of my dog^^

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