Queue up at Gumasan- Review by Mandy

Gumasan is famous for its kalbi(Korean beef bbq) and chuoetang(loach soup). Many Korean law makers have been regulars of this place since it was opened in the early 70's.

The Kalbi on metal plate made sizzling sound and beef looked very glossy. The meat was very tender and slightly sweet, it was almost melting in my mouth. Since this dish is served as it cooked in the kitchen,  there's no open flame of charcoal fires on the table, so there is no worry of smelly clothes after the meal.  

Although this taste dish tempts you to eat more and more, you should stop before feeling full and try loach soup. While most loach soup restaurants in Korea serve 'Joella province' style loach soup, Gumasan serves 'Kyungsang Province' style loach soup.

Honestly I don't really see the difference, though my colleagues from Kyungsang Provinces confirmed it was their hometown taste.Gumasan's loach so
up use very well ground loaches, so there are hardly any small fish bones.
The cabbage is well boiled in the soup, I didn't even need to chew it to swallow it. The half gochujang(hot pepper paste) and half doenjang(bean paste) based soup tasted slightly salty and spicy. 
Gumasan 02-782-3269 Seoul Youngdungpo gu, Youidodong 43 Miwon building.

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