Samchi and soondubu

I've collected exactly 129 points from 똘깨마을 맷돌순두부 - meaning that at least 129,000 won has been spent at this Sinchon soondubu joint over the past 8 months, not including the few times I didn't have my frequent diner card on hand. o_O (Don't get me started on loyalty cards. I've collected over a dozen in this city and have only reaped the benefits of ONE thus far.)

Without fail, visits to 똘깨마을 맷돌순두부 (my littlest cousin's favorite btw) always include an order of 들깨 순두부 (perilla soondubu), the only non-red option on the menu, and quite a nice and savory, non-spicy alternative if you ask me. However, on my most recent trip, I was feeling adventurous fishy so I decided, what the heck, I'll have the 삼치구이 (grilled samchi/Spanish mackerel). It was pretty good but nothing exciting, simply decently grilled white fish. I think sticking with the tried-and-true soondubu's a better option since you'll get a couple yellow corvinas to eat on the side (for free) anyway. Plus, this stuff fills you up quick!

P.S. If anyone's got a good recipe for perilla soondubu, I'd be much obliged. ^^

똘깨마을 맷돌순두부
Sinchon Station (map here)

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