The Teacher Juice Vampire

It is the night of ridiculous quotes at our apartment.

We have been watching the Serbia versus USA volleyball game and it's been going back and forth. Fantasia and I are both delirious because we have been working 14 hour days because it is summer session at our schools.

The games have been going back and forth and I am drinking soju which Fantasia says looks like green pee. We have already eaten some fried chicken that we got at friend chicken in gyeongmidong. The sauce is awesome and she is going to mix it into her banana and lettuce shakes.

Fantasia said that her school is sucking out all of her teacher juice. She believes that her school steals all of her teaching ability, "her teaching juice" and her boss is a teacher juice vampire that "wrings out all of the teaching juice of all new teachers." Apparently this is why her school has so much turnover.

The USA basketball team has players that look like skinheads with named"Ball, Salmon, Millar," and other eccentric names. Serbia just won another game, but I'm not worried America will come back.

Alright. I need to drink more soju.


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