Brunch of Paris Croissant

Scrambled eggs with bacon is one of my favorite breakfast menu. Yesterday I tried this brunch menu at Paris Croissant.

Scrambled eggs was slightly disappointing, it wasn't soft enough. I felt it was over cooked and made the taste dry.

Tomato and cheese was good and bacon wasn't too crispy which was good. Overally it was ok but compared to the price it's overpriced.

Also I had waffles topped with ice cream, grape
fruits, canned strawberries, bananas, lots of nuts and strawberry syrup.
I am a huge fan of waffles and have very sweet tooth though this waffle was too sweet. On top of it I don't like canned fruits.
Mainly the sweet taste came from strawberry syrup and canned strawberries. I wonder if the berries are actually jam.
Waffle also was slightly over baked. I still prefer the waffle of Ima at Ilmin Gallery near Kwanghwamoon.
I think Ima waffle is the best in Seoul.

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