Believe it or not, using our planets resources is a way to ensure a healthy planet. Point and case: The wild salmon. In short, eat the wild salmon, save the wild salmon.
By eating farm-raised fish, consumers are saying that it is all right to ignore the natural habitats of the fish in the Pacific NW, thus leading to habitat degredation.

There has been an ongoing push to get legislators to take steps to protect wild salmon habitats. By eating the wild variety, consumers will curb the demand for farm-raised fish providing a boost to the local fishing economies of the Pacific NW.

It’s an interesting twist. Killing is saving, but reality is.

Another example: Cows. If the cow was not such a beloved staple in the American diet, do you think there would be any cows? Of course, as with anything, restraint is necessary. Abuse is the problem, but respectful use is perhaps the answer.

I haven't posted in a while, but if you remember from one of my older posts, I strongly advocate using your local food resources. I am guilty of strolling the ailses of big supermarkets because, well, they're fun! Also, they are educational to some degree. The way to go, though, is local, and organic.
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