Tender Beef and Dongchimi noodle 'Chang go'

'Chang go(창고, means warehouse)' is very famous for its expensive price and tender Korean(No no American) beef. Today was my first time to visit this restaurant but I've been told how good its beef so many times. Also the other point to make this restaurant famous was its breath taking view from the windows especially night view.

While many other restaurants have less customers due to the wrong doing economy, there were hardly vacant seats in Chang go for dinner. This restaurant doesn't serve many side dishes unlike ordinary Korean restaurants. If you love fresh lettuce and soy bean paste, forget it. What you could get are only beef and just few side dishes such as cabbages, Kimchi, seasoned green onions.

The beef was staek like thick and not marinated. Rubbing a piece of beef fat on hot plate with dash of salt was only seasoning for grilled beef. The meat, so tender and smooth, was easily torned with chopsticks. Knife nor scissors were not necessary. It was very tender and perfectly juicy. Sliced potatoes and onions were sweet and good enough savory to stimulate appetite.

Don't forget to try 'Dongchimi(watery radish kimchi and not spicy) noodle' after grilled beef. The cool soup gives very refreshing taste after oily and heavy beef. They also serve Kimchi fried rice with 'soybean paste jjige' however I recommend Dongchimu noodle.Beef is slightly pricy 30,000 won for 180g. Chang go is across the street in front of Indonesia Embassy in Yoido. Tel 786-5959

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