Why I love Korean Air

When booking my trip to Tokyo from SF, despite the availability of less painful, non-stop options, I thought flying Korean Air would outweigh the hassle of transferring and re-checking in (especially at the Tom Bradley Int'l Terminal at LAX, which I've come to realize, is NOT fun.)


For starters, once I boarded, I was welcomed with that warm and tingly familiar feeling - that air service can indeed come with a smile, and that your time in the plane, though rarely ever pleasant, can be made that much more bearable. (Virgin's also pretty damn good at this. ^^)

I also had a chance to speak in Korean again. From the counter to the gate to the plane. I even filled out my customs form in good ol' 한글, though admittedly, I couldn't understand most of the bottom part, which I just assumed asked whether or not I was smuggling drugs or attempting to import funny types of cheese.

Oh, there's also the frequent flyer miles.

But everyone knows IT'S ALL ABOUT THE GOCHUJANG. Yes, a 20g tube of hot pepper paste does wonders when you're stuck at thirty-something-thousand feet in the air for eleven and a half hours.


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