Bon Juk in Atlanta!

(Patjuk from Bon Juk)

Readers living in Korea are familiar with Bon Juk, a popular and reliable chain restaurant which serves up a tasty selection of 죽 (juk, rice porridge).

Although there are some Bon Juk locations on the West Coast, previously there were none in Atlanta, until now that is! A Bon Juk recently opened in Atlanta, conveniently located next to the H-Mart in Duluth. According to their website, two more locations will be opening soon in Doraville, and John's Creek.

Atlanta has lots of Korean restuarants, but they are mostly barbecue or tofu houses. It's nice to have a place exclusively for juk. I think it's a sign that the Korean population in Atlanta is getting big enough to support places that specialize in one particular kind of food instead of offering a wide selection. I hope it's also a sign that interest in Korean food is growing as well. So far Bon Juk in Atlanta has been getting good reviews, and was featured in the AirTran inflight magazine this month.

I missed eating patjuk (팥죽) for the winter solstice this year. Patjuk, Patjuk rice porridge (juk) made from red adzuki beans, is traditionally eaten on the winter solstice
The red color is supposed to embody positive energy and help to fight negative energy. In other words, it keeps bad spirits, bad luck and other nasty things away.

I'm heading back to Atlanta soon for a brief vacation. Maybe I'll have some patjuk at Bon Juk to bring in the New Year on a good note! I'll let you all know how it goes.

- Lily (aka lunalil of Funk Seoul Sister)

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