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I know, I haven't been posting much because I've been mad working for the radio station. You can catch what I'm writing about on 101.3 eFM from 11-12pm. Sara Kim is the host and she's awesome. Today we will have Julie Alexander and she'll be giving her perspective on what it's like to be a mother and an army wife in Seoul.

I wanted to post some events that are happening in Seoul. I'll be updating my events board so it covers more than just foodie related events.

This is Sara Kim bringing you “What’s Happening at 120.” If you didn’t know, if you dial 120 on your phone or 02-120 on your cell phone, you will reach the Seoul Global Village Helpline. This line has operators ready to help you in English. Call for directions, medical emergencies, or any other questions you have. The helpline is open Monday through Friday from 9 am-6pm.

There are a few things around town that are specific to Wednesday, so let’s start with those:

Itaewon Pool League
Meets every Wednesday in various locations around Itaewon.

Improve your communication and leadership skills with South River Toastmasters. Meets every Wednesday in Gangnam.

Dec. 3rd
Harlem Gospel Choir
Internationally touring choir will perform at the Seoul Arts Center. 02-1588-7890
10. Dec. 3rd, 4th, and 6th – There are a few games going on in the Korean Basketball League.
(SK Knights vs. Incheon Etland Black Slamer @ Jamsil Student Gymnasium
KT&G Kites vs Mobis Pheobus @ Anyang Gymnasium)
To get more info about the Korean Basketball League, go to and click on English.

Dec. 3rd-7th
Seoul Design Festival @ COEX
Here, you can catch the latest accomplishments and trends in design and perhaps do some networking if you happen to be a designer yourself.

Dec. 4th
Priscilla Ahn
This Korean-born singer-songwriter’s music has been featured on “Grey’s Anatomy” and in “Disturbia.” Sangsang Madang Live Hall in Hongdae.

Dec. 4th
EUCCK (European Union Chamber of Commerce in Korea)
Energy and Environment Committee Meeting
Will be discussing solar energy in Korea @ the Lotte Hotel in the Sapphire Room.

Through Dec. 5th
Rhode Island School of Design Alumni Exhibit
Check out the artworks of 14 RISD alumni @ the Lavazza Café in Gangnam. 02-541-4868.

------Korean stuff---------
Dec. 5th
“Dancing and Music from Old Paintings”
Take friends and family to watch dancing and music revived from old Royal Court and Korean traditional genre paintings, organized by the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts. 02-580-3300 / 580-3303

Dec. 7th
Ahn and Jang Season Greeting Special Concert
Join Ahn, the prima donna of Korean traditional music, and maestro Jang, accompanied by the Korean Classical Music Orchestra for a year-end concert @ Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. 02-399-1111


Remember, there are a couple different types of Taxis in Seoul. There is the regular taxi whose fees start at 1900 won and they are usually grey, yellow, brown, or white. And don’t forget that the starting fare goes up to 2200 won at night, so don’t worry, you’re not getting ripped off.

Then there are premium taxis, which are the black taxis, and their fees start at 4500 won. There are also black vans, which charge about 4500 to start, but usually these have to be reserved.

Once you’re IN the taxi, the best way to give directions is to give the taxi driver a subway station, a famous building or a famous landmark. Even if you give them a note with an address on it, they won’t always know exactly where to go even if they do have a navigation system. The most helpful thing you can do is to have the telephone number with you of your destination, and either you and or taxi driver can call and ask for directions.

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