The Weekly No Driving Program

Survival Seoul Part 2: Tip from Paul Hussey of the Itaewon/Hannam Global Village Center in Itaewon

You may have seen the colored stickers on the corners of car windows around town, all with a different day of the week on it. These stickers are actually electronic tags that are put on cars that are participating in the City of Seoul’s Weekly No Driving Campaign.

By participating in this campaign, you agree to leave your car at home once a week and use other means to get to around. Only participants in this campaign are allowed to use public parking stalls and there are various other incentives for joining such as a reduction in automobile tax, discounts on parking fees, priority for residential parking, car maintenance discounts, and free or discount car washes.

To apply just visit your local comunity (dong) center. You have to bring your car registration and let them know your plate number and alien registration number. Then you can fill out the application form. If you do not know where your community center is or if you would like to know more about this campaign, please contact us at 02-796-2459~60.

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