Bundaeggi 번데기

Today was my last regular Thursday spot on the Steve Hatherly Show for their food corner. Today I got Steve to try Bundaeggi for the first time. It was an absolutely hilarious show because he didn't want to try it. He made a bet with me that if he got 15 messages on the message board, then he would. Well, we got 82 messages. 82 messages! So, Steve ate 2, or tried to eat two. We didn't even have time to talk about the different food things that we were going to talk about.

Today I was going to recommend the Lasagna at Sortinos. It's the best lasagna I've had in Korea because the layers of pasta are perfectly cooked and it is coated in a beefy tomato sauce. Also, Bread Talk in Myeongdong has great confectionary delights like it's Chocolate Granache and Bread with Pork Floss. Pork Floss is thinly dried pork that looks like snowflakes. It's so good. And I was going to talk about bibim naengmyeong from Bibimnaengmyeong from Ojangdong Hwung-namjip (오장동흥남집).

Here's what I wrote up before:
It's all about the noodles and you can't get better or fresher noodles. As you eat, you can look into the kitchen and see the chefs making the noodles on site. One man is back stepping on the buckwheat to soften them up awhile another cuts them. There is a third person back there and I figure he must be laying on the magic because the noodles that I slurped were like gossamer threads. Eating the whole bowl was as if I was taking a breath of cool mountain air after reaching the apex. Yeah, it's a bit spicy, but that's what makes it enlightening.
Go to Eujiro 4-ga exit 8 and to straight. At Chunggujeong Intersection (중구청), make a left. Go around the Market entrance and it is opposite Suhyup Bank (수협 은행)

It was a fun show and I'll be posting an audiopodcast of Steve trying the bundaeggi as soon as I figure out how.


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