I hate the New New New New...Facebook

I know. This has nothing to do with food, but Facebook needs to stop tweaking stuff. The new layout is annoying and it's hard to find stuff that I was able to easily find before. For example, I tried to post in their marketplace but it is not possible in Korea anymore. They asked for feedback on their new marketplace and this is what I wrote:

You can't list in South Korea and it's not easy to figure out how to list stuff. I mean you click on list something and then you get a pop up to fill in the real information. It doesn't seem easy to browse either. Facebook needs to stop tweaking stuff because it's becoming a major turnoff. It'll make people want to jump ship as soon as a new social networking site becomes available. I mean, I use it a lot less then I used to because it's too hard to figure out.

Facebook needs to listen!

Is there any new social networking sites out there that are better? I mean myspace is dead, Friendster don't got no friends anymore, Orkut? Huhh?, Geez... I'm going to start a new social networking site. It's going to be called Unplugged. It'll encourage people to unplug from the net and go out and do stuff. Oh, and everyone will wear a mask so it's like being on the Internet. And Unplugged will have socials over nachos and salsa because it brings people together.

Anyone want to join my new social?


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