Free Wifi for Foreigners at Starbucks I have proof!

Aza, now I can blog while having a big Americano with a melty, gooey chocolate Tofinek. Have you ever done the Tofinek thing? I recommend the regular one more, but you just take off the lid of your coffee and set the Tofinek on top. In two minutes, the caramel inside will be all melted and delicious. It's quite awesome.

And the wifi! If you have a ARC card, you just log on to NESPOT and follow the instructions and you'll be signed on. There is no time limit and all the instructions are in English. Nice...Starbucks is giving a little back to the expat community. Starbucks has much better coffee than Tom N Tom's so this is just brilliant! Brilliant!



PS. If you see a guy with a laptop covered in gaudy stickers, it's me. Remember to say hi.

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