My New Writing Gig and I want you to join me

So Eloquence Magazine in Seoul is no more. I worked at the magazine for almost two years. At first I worked under Stephen Revere. I should really thank Stephen because he did give me opportunity to write about food. Stephen is a force of nature and it was amazing what he did with the magazine. Well, then Stephen was ousted and then Chris Sanders became the editor in chief of Eloquence.

I also liked working for Chris. I felt very free writing for Chris and I think I wrote some really good stories under him. I really enjoyed it and I thought that the new direction to the magazine was great as well. The articles were well written and I felt it became a really useful and insightful magazine for the expat community.

Apparently, some other people didn't feel the new direction was working and so Chris was kicked out and the magazine folded. was like, "I don't need to write for some stinking magazine, I'll just write on my blog. I am my own magazine." Yeah, that's what I thought, but then Tracey Stark from Groove Magazine contacted me and he made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

So now I am the dining editor for Groove Magazine. 

Now I would like some foodies to help me to make it a very useful and fun zine to read. I am getting a pretty big section and here is what I had in mind: 

I would like to do 2 restaurant reviews a month. 
Have a page full of food photograph collage.
A recipe.
An interview with someone in the industry.
Quick Bites : a very short blurb of different restaurants, food, bars, etc.

Those are all the ideas I had so far, but I'm open to suggestions and I want YOU to come help me write.

So if you are interested in writing about food or taking pictures then contact me at seouleats (at) gmail (dot) com.



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