Of all the foods from the states what will you miss most?

A Buffet plate of BBQ sauce marinated pork, collard greens, slaw, a biscuit and banana nilla wafer pudding.

A drumstick, mac n cheese (meh...I think it was stouffers) Carolina pork, beans, collard greens, and bbq sauce pulled pork.

A Pork Cracklin

Chicken Gizzard

Buffet spread of chicken, pork, and catfish.

Good Ole Southern Soul Food.

I love southern BBQ, chicken, pork cracklings, pinto beans, collard greens, and biscuits. Sure I was born in Korean and adopted by Yankees (I grew up in Wilmington, Delaware), but my stomach is all Union Jack.

My parents and I drove 14 hours from Delaware to Florida and on our way we stopped at Carolina BBQ & Chicken. It was recommended by a local named Anita that worked at a roadside gas station.

The tables were filled with locals, so you know that this is a good place. We ordered big ole unsweetened ice teas with lemon and then went right for the buffet.

Carolina BBQ & Chicken has crisp southern chicken and lots of slowly cooked pork. It's got all the things that a southerner would be proud to eat such as catfish, chittins, grits, pies, mustard greens, collard greens, etc.

I'm sure there are better places, but this place ain't bad for a roadside stop. Oh, and just to note. They don't appreciate Yankees snapping pictures of the food. I almost got kicked out taking these photos.


Address: 500 West Atlantic Street, Emporia, VA 23847

(434) 348-3435

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