I love Seattle as you've probably noticed from my drunk twitter posts and blog posts. I've been staying at Queen Ann with my friends Noah and Beth and I am in love with all things Seattle. It hasn't rained at all since I've been here so that whole rain thing must be a myth to keep tourists out.

I've been an eating machine and I've been to many amazing restaurants and other eateries so far. While I've been here, I had this epiphany. Seoul (and Korea) needs to up their game. They aren't in the same culinary league as the restaurants here. Plus Korea needs to improve on service. (I'll hit on these points later.)

Here are some highlights from my trip.
Day 1
The Mariner's Game versus the Twins. I ate at Grounder's World Famous Garlic Fries. Ok. These weren't my favorite because all the garlic bits were stuck on the bottom. The beers in Seattle are outstanding. I really like Manny's and Mac n Jack's beers. Yum. I love drinking the IPAs here: SO DELISH!

Beware of the Man sauce at Dixie's BBQ. We had the beef brisket over dog there and Noah gave me a toothpick's tip worth of the spicy man sauce. The sauce is painful. I mean so painful that you feel like your mind leaves your body and you are left wandering in a daze. It was awesome. I recommend you all to give it a shot (if u r into pain).

We then went to the Skylark and saw The Applewars play their unique brand of Seattle Rock. They sounded kinda like Coldplay with a Grrrrrwl.

Day 2
The day started with a trip to the Metropolitan Market. All grocery stores should be this amazing looking. It is sleek and modern and the Food screams consciousness. The food says, "are you aware of what you are eating?" It is because of the eye catching displays and signage. I think we should all be more conscious of the crap we put in our bodies. We bought a picnic meal there. We got a crusty loaf of rye bread, a Jazz Apple, a Pink Lady Apple, Mole Salami made by Mario Batali's father, and tabouli salad.

You won't find Red Delicious apples in the Metropolitan Market. Most Seattlites nay the Red Delicious and say, "they are mushy." The Pink Lady apples are a slightly tart apple with a snappy bite. I prefer the juicy, sweet yet flat taste of the Jazz apples, because they remind me of the eastern macintosh apples.

The Mole Salami with flecks of chili, marbled pork fat and CHOCOLATE were orgasmic. We started to refer to them as "meat cookies" and we slowly savored each slice as the goblets of fat melted on our tongues.

Then we went to the Chateau St. Michele Winery for a wine tasting. Their 2007 Grenache was a silky, slightly licoricy bowl of red fruits that went down like a Belgium Hot Chocolate. I had to "taste it" twice to make sure I could really taste it.

We then went across the the street to Columbia Winery. All I can say about Columbia is, "meh." It wasn't all that hot.

Dinner was at Joule, but that requires a separate post.

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