Photoblog: Vietnamese Food in Oakland, California

Pho Anh Dao in Oakland, CA (510) 836-1566

The Pho Fixings: Basil, Lime, Jalapenos, and Bean Sprouts

My Pho all dressed up.

An Interior Shot of Pho Ahn Dao

After Pho : Cam Huong (510) 444-2500

Got Lunch? An array of Vietnamese Lunch Treats

The Greatest Vietnamese Sandwich ever! Crackling crust stuffed with roasted pork, peppers, cilantro, cabbage, carrots, and a special sauce. Can you believe it only cost $2.75?

Check out Yelp for where you can find these places in Oakland.

Here is the information for Pho Ahn Dao

And Cam Huong


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