Letter from Dubai Restaurant's Owner

It's nice to know that one person can make a difference. Dubai restaurant got quite a buzz on this website when I started to write about it and I'm glad it is doing well. Thank you all for going to Dubai Restaurant. By keeping establishments like this in business, we make Seoul a better and more diverse place to live.

Hello Mr. Daniel Gray,

This is Dubai Restaurant owner Khamas Nehad. I know that I should e-mail you before but it's just that we were very busy this days with the restaurant.

I want to thank you first for choosing us and coming to our restaurant and for the nice articles that I really appreciate. Thanks to you and to your articles, lots of people found out about the restaurant and we had new customers coming to try the food and to see if it is as it was written in your nice articles. For that, I really want to thank you for your great job and we will work hard to improve our services and to make our customers happy of the traditional food we serve.

I want to invite you with your friend for a lunch or dinner as a way to thank you.

Best regards,


TEL: 02-798-9277

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