Edward Kwon's Eddy's Cafe

Eddy's Cafe Edward Kwon is Korea's new celebrity chef and he's got the skills and the look to make it big. His cafe concept, which seems reminiscent of Wolfgang Puck, has opened at the Shinsegae department store at the Express Bus Terminal. I was told by the manager, It's the first of many, many." Here you can get big salads with toppings such as "roasted cherries, hazelnuts, and cheddar beignet (W8,500)" or "tomatillos, oven roasted paprika, feta and mint (W8,500)"; sandwiches with buffalo mozzarella, roasted fig, arugula and cherry tomato confit (W10,000); entrees like oven roasted chicken with cherry and raison compote (W14,000); and a fruit dessert in decadent creme sauce. The place has excellent coffee and almost all members of the waitstaff and the kitchen speak English.Vegetarian options available. 02-3479-1234

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