CLOSED Red Pepper Republic

The other day, I was invited by Sunafood's Sean Han to visit Red Pepper Republic. First of all, great name for a restaurant. The concept of the restaurant is spicy szechwan style food done in a sleek, seductive way. It doesn't look like one of those Chinese joints with gaudy red lanterns hanging from the ceiling. The space is modern, yet secretive. I imagine that games of high stakes poker were being played in the nooks and corners- it has the Chinese club vibe from Indiana Jones going for it. Anyway, I got to interview Stanley Choo, one of the heads of marketing and he's going to tell you about this restaurant.

You can find it across from the City Air Terminal near Samsung Station (COEX). 02 508 1320.

The shrimp dish was very different than what I had before. The addition of green peppercorns and other spices gave it almost an Indian spin to the szechwan dish.


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