Dear Seoul Eats Readers,

It's going to be a busy month. Today I started Korean level 3 at Sookmyeong University. My Korean is getting better and I hope that soon, I will be like Neo and just be able to speak full, cognizant sentences without everyone just saying "eHHH?!" Whenever I speak Korean, that's the reaction I get. I originally thought it was my breath, but it's a mixture of accent and the unexpected low level of Korean that I can speak.

I go to school from 9-1pm and I've got quite a few projects that I have on the board right now. On top of that I'm teaching part time. So...what I'm trying to say is that if I don't blog as regularly, don't hate me. I'm just super busy.

And if anyone wants to help me fill the gap and write a bit for Seoul Eats, I can promise some great meals in the future. Plus, I have gift certificates to Tomatillo, if anyone is interested. You can submit your food stories, pictures, tips, and reviews HERE. 



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