Halloween Party in Itaewon: TALES OF SIN

OH, yeah, I should probably start posting things about Halloween Parties.
Indulge in your sins, even if for just one night.
Eat, drink, be entertained and dance amongst the sinful and the sexy.
Best dressed prizes include: tickets to Jeju-island, 2 bottles of top shelf liquor, and cash (200,000won)
2 venues and 1 rooftop fireplace, 8 DJs, 2 Dance Performances, 1 MC, 1 VJ, Dance-off, Art Display and Best Dressed Contest with prizes!
2곳의 장소와 옥상의 모닥불과,8명의 DJ들,2명의 댄스 공연,연극,예술품 전시,그리고 유명한 MC와 VJ가 함께 하는 베스트 드레서 콘테스트까지 있습니다.
제주도 여행권(2매),2병의 고급 양주,그리고 상금 20만원이 걸려 있습니다.
입장료1만원으로 1프리드링크와 3곳의 장소를 다 이용할수 있습니다.(하이브,루퍼스,옥상)
음악은 올드스쿨힙합,펑크,드럼엔베이스,디스코,브레이크비트,일렉트로니카 장르가 소개될것입니다
★ @ The Hive
Eshe (Dance)
★ DJs:
J-Path (drum & bass)
venus & dbstk (dubstep)
DJ Fenner (dubstep/dnb)
Mr. Fudge (funk/breaks)
VJ: Sepp
★ @ Roofers (3Floor & Roof)
Dante (old school hip hop)
Mike Chang (disco/funk)
Oil Can Boyd (funk/hip hop)
Nuphonique (electronica/breakbeat)
Live Vocals -> Anna
Birthday Freestyle -> DA (of ICONZ MEDIA)
★ Rooftop
Bobby Beakbane (Fire Dance)
Jimmy (Fire Cocktails)
***There will be a fire on the roof with MARSHMALLOWS*** yummmmm....!!
★ Art Display: "Dark Images of the 1900's in print"
★ Dance: Fire Dance & Fire cocktail show by the fire on the roof.
★ Food: Cupcakes and cookies and Halloween what-nots
★ Face Painting Available: 12 - 1am!!
COVER: 10 000won + 1 Free Drink = entry to 2 venues & Rooftop
"Commit the oldest sins the newest kind of ways" William Shakespeare
Itaewon Station Exit 3
Turn right before Fire Station
30 metres on left on corner where Foreign Food market & What The Book store are.
Basement 1.
이태원역 3번출구 방향
소방서 4거리 우회전
30 미터 전방 오른쪽길 Foreign Food market 지하 1층
-ROOFERS is just across the road on the 3rd floor ~

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