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Celebrate the New Year Korean fashion by staying up all night (or getting up in the wee hours) to see the last sunset of 2009 and the first sunrise of 2010. No matter where you live in Korea, there’s bound to be a festival close to you. So unless you’re set on a night out with friends  or a jaunt down to Bosingak in Seoul to hear the bell tolled, read on!

January 1st
Dobong Mountain Sunrise Festival
Make your way to Meeting Rock at Dobong Mountain in northern Seoul to see the first sunrise of 2010. Visitors will make New Year’s wishes, the Korean equivalent of New Year’s resolutions., 02-2289-1114

Heaven Park Sunrise Festival
Join the crowds at Mapo-gu’s yearly festival at Heaven Park near World Cup Stadium (line 6, ex. 2). 7 am – 8 am., 02-3153-8354

Acha Mountain Sunrise Festival
Get off the subway at Gwangnaru St. (line 5, ex. 1) and follow the winding path up the hill for about 15 minutes till you reach the Sunrise Plaza. You’re standing on Acha Mountain, the first spot in Seoul from which you can see the sun rise. 7 – 8:20 am., 02-450-1300
Gyeonggi Province

December 31st
Paju Sunset Festival
See the sun go down at the meeting place of the Imjin and Han Rivers. Simhak Mountain in Paju. 4 pm – 7 pm., 031-940-8522
Gangwon Province

Donghae sunriseDecember 31st – January 1st
Sunrise Festivals on the East Sea
This New Year’s Eve, why cough on someone else’s smoke in a murky bar when you could be watching the first sunrise of 2009 with the fresh morning wind whipping off the sea? Gangwon offers you the best options for the New Year with great scenery, exciting concerts, and loads of fireworks.

Gyeongpo (Gangneung): On the white sands of Gyeongpo Beach, find out why Gangneung is one of the best places to see the sunrise in Korea., 033-640-5128

Jeongdongjin (Gangneung): Famous not only as the location of the drama Hourglass but also for its rugged natural beauty., 033-640-5128

Donghae: The Chuam and Mangsang beaches here host a Korean flag parade and a fireworks show., 033-532-2801

Taebaek Mountain: Weary and aching from your climb, you reach the summit in time to see the sun rise above a sea of clouds. Concerts and other events held at Danggol Plaza., 033-550-2081

Okkye (Gangneung): As well as offering a fine view of Okkye Harbor and Mangsang Beach, the Okkye rest stop hosts a singing contest, fireworks, and more., 033-640-5129

Yangyang: There’s an old saying that if you make a wish as you watch the sun go down at Naksan Beach at Yangyang, it will come true., 033-670-2723

Chungcheong Province

December 31st
Daecheon Sunset Festival
Daecheon Beach, perhaps more famous for the yearly summer mud festival held there, is the site of this sunset festival. Enjoy the samulnori performance, a choir concert, and a candle procession as the sun sinks behind the horizon in Boryeong, west of Daejeon., 041-933-7051
Gyeongsang Province

December 31st – January 1st
Busan New Year’s Sunset and Sunrise Festival
If you’re not watching the ball drop or partying with friends, why not head down to the beach with the tens of thousands of Koreans who join in Busan’s Sunset and Sunrise Festival? As one of Busan’s most distinctive winter events, the festival is composed of the sunset fest at Dadaepo Beach, the bell tolling ceremony at Yongdusan Park, and the sunrise fest at Haeundae Beach. Tons of activities and games will keep you busy from 11 pm until the first daylight of 2010., 051-888-3392

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