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How Seoul Eats Advertises:

Seoul Eats uses an integrated marketing approach with a strong emphasis on Social Marketing. Seoul Eats has a strong Facebook, Twitter, Naver, and YouTube presence. We think outside of the box doing contests, giveaways, and events. We tap into the social psyche.

Benefits of Online Advertising:

1) It's instantaneous. You don't have to wait for writers to write and then have it printed and distributed. Your events and establishments have instant reach.

2) It's personal. Instead of an mass approach to marketing, we try to reach people on a personal level. I personally respond to letters and comments. It's the best form of word of month advertising there is.

3) It's cheaper. See rates below.

4)  The numbers don't lie. Every other week, you will receive a detailed report of who is visiting Seoul Eats and how many people have seen your ad.

How do you know that online advertising works?
  • One of advertisers, Tomatillo, did a fundraiser for Haiti on February 3rd. There was only 1 week of advertising time available, but over a thousand of people went to Tomatillos and they raised 5.3 million won (Tomatillo only donated their profits for the day to Haiti).  It was one of their busiest days ever.
  • The Culinary Tours and Cooking Classes only did online advertising. Each class has been completely booked each time.
  • The Wolfhound Pub had a Superbowl showing with breakfast at 8:25 AM (in the morning). Where to watch the superbowl was one of the top searches for 1 week prior to the day in Seoul and the blogs told them that the Wolfhound would be having a showing. The Wolfhound was completely packed and most people drank and ate breakfast that Monday morning.
  • Rocky Mountain Tavern and Ka-Brew Brewery threw a booze cruise and they only advertised through blogs and facebook. They had 300 tickets available at 40,000 a piece. The yacht cruise had all you could drink beer only for 2 hours (7 to 9pm).  Through word their Internet marketing campaign, they sold all 300 tickets at full price 1 week before the event took place.

The list goes on and on.

Target Demographic

Check my most recent stats here

We reach reach the current population of expats and Koreans in South Korea and the future travelers and residents of Korea. Most of the people are in the 18-35 year demographic.
Seoul Eats, which averages 2000 hits a day, gets a large number of hits from North America and Asia.

Unlike magazines and newspapers in Seoul, we go by the numbers. You will get a bi-weekly report of how many times your ad has been shown for each and for every site your ad appears.

Stats as of March 7, 2010. Yellow indicates Visits. Red indicates page views.

Ad Sizes and Rates

1. Leaderboard (460 X 70) 

2. Link 

3. Wide Skyscraper Ad (160 X 600) 

4. Side Banner (160 X 180) 

5. Mini Side Banner (160 X 180)  

I understand that most establishments don't have a huge marketing budget so I am flexible with advertising rates and would consider trade and cross promotions. Contact Daniel Gray for rates.

Contact Daniel Gray for more information and how we can help make your business a success.

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