Pain de papa, when you simply want good bread in Seoul

Good morning!

As a newbie in Seoul one of my biggest fear was not being able to find good bread. When I say good, I don't mean the fancy, complicated, stuffed with ketchup (eh!, that's fancy on a whole nother level) kind. I'm talking extremely simple bread, bread so simple it allows you to meet and greet the subtle flavors of each of the ingredients. I'm no connoisseur of bread, but I know what makes my taste buds itch with joy. The crunch vs. the soft (the scratch marks inside your mouth nourished by the fluffy chew of the bread). That color! The joy of cracking that initial shell of crunch and watching it pull apart into millions of beautiful layers and layers and layers.... bring a foolish smile to your face, good.

Well... I found mine at Pain de papa (one tear drop).

hello beautiful!

The pretsel baguette was one of my favorites with just the right amount of sea salt specs and crunch to ... be drooling right now.

Just a tad flavor with yuzu bits hiding in the bread.
Not too sweet or overpowering, but a delicious twist on simplicity.

Bit odd to just sit there and eat bread slices, but even without butter or any other adornments... it was perfection.

The papa of pain.

This place is no secret, all the literature around the table tops are loaded with books and magazines, full of praise for Pain de papa, as one of the best bakeries in Seoul. Ah shucks thought I had stumbled upon gold, when in fact I was just the last to know :( but still excited none-the-less.

Beautiful piece, sweat potato bread with a delicately flaky crunch exterior.

Pain de papa
135-890 Gangnam-gu Shinsa-dong 548-5 Hyundai Building 10b
T. [02] 543 5232

Subway stops Shinsa station exit 8 or Apgujung station exit 5

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